Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sudha Koul, Indian Author of "Curries without Worries"

Sudha Koul, author of the classic Indian cooking text, "Curries Without Worries", recently in Fort Myers, was kind enough to invite a few friends over as she cooked, from scratch, natch, an eclectic Indian meal. In no time, she created dishes (recipes in her current, as well as soon to be revised book) that were amazing in the richness of tastes created from fresh vegetables and spices. These dishes are simple, and amazingly tasty.

A Practiced Hand
Farmer's Market's Best
Beet Root Raita (Before)
Beet Root Raita
Gobi Matar (Caulifower and peas)Dhaanival (Fresh Coriander) Korma or Fragrant Lamb Curry
Everyday Bhindi (Okra)
Cachumber (Cucumber) Ka SaladThe Eclectic Indian Meal (Served with Tangerine Rice)
Delicious Tastes, Textures and Colors
Kishen Koul, Chief Taster!
Sudha Relaxes after a Wonderful Meal

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Purchase a copy of the 1996 updated edition of "Curries Without Worries" at, (ISBN-10: 0446670782) , and taste why it has been recognized as one of the best Indian cookbooks.

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