Sunday, February 24, 2008

South Beach Food and Wine

Here it is! Just a few photos of hundreds from the South Beach food and wine Festival 2008! We'll be back in 2009, wine glasses in hand!

Padma Lakshmi Fields Questions
Miami Beach -Line for Autographing Books
Emeril Lagasse -NawLins Style

Walking Past the Food Booths

Wine Vendor Pours Sample Liquors
Mango Salsa, Lump Crab Appetizers

Stylin' dude
Guy Fieri cooks
FIU Chef with Grilled Venison @ Atlantic Ocean
Venison by the Ocean
More Apps -Shrimp Middle Eastern Style
Talented singer/percussionist Skewered Shrimp on Egg Delights
Guy Fieri -Happy to Meet his Fans
Madhur Jaffrey Animated Indian Recipes
Paula Deen's Artery-Cloggin Good Southern Delights Inside One of Two Huge Tents
Guy Fieri Electrified
Rachael Ray -Island Girl with Bored Husband in Wings
Anthony Bourdain and Giada Laurentis
Sampling the Reds
Plantains and Sliders Along Miami's Beach
Cat Cora Welcomes All
Ten pounds later, I can tell you we enjoyed it all-packed butt-to-butt with easy going people, sampling the hottest, newest restaurants bites, all sorts of liquors, olive oils, cheeses-then taking home some samples-WOW!
SoBe Food and Wine-Highly recommended! More "Buzz" action on Saturday, good Sunday, too. One day is sufficient for the assertive "picker"; both days better for the compulsive taster.

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