Monday, March 31, 2008

Lee Roy Selmon's Great Southern Food Fort Myers

Lee Roy Selmon’s is a true Southern delight in Fort Myers-great food, inexpensive prices. To cut to the chase-Ya gotta, truly gotta, try the wings! They are SO tender, moist and smoky-delicious. My table of 6 friends made quick work of them, astounded at how the 24 hour marinating, slow smoking, and then grilling makes them the best wings we’ve ever had. Order 10 ($8.29) and see.

It’s as simple as that. Try a Smokin’ Tampa Tea while you order, it’s enough for two, and it truly smokes, with Finlandia Vodka, Captain Morgan Rum, Peach Schnapps, Grenadine, and O.J. for vitamin C!
See the smoke at the top of Judi's drink- How do they do it?
Next up-the tenderest Fried Green Tomatoes ($7.29) you’ll ever have (and we know, cook, and love Southern food!). They are fresh, fried golden brown with a light batter, and served with a garlic horseradish sauce.
Delicious Fried Green Tomatoes

The Back Country Nachos are a mountain of pulled pork or chicken, layered between corn tortilla chips, salsa, queso and melted Monterey Jack and cheddar Cheeses, served hot, with sour cream on the side. This is a meal for two, at $9.99.

Close behind is Selmon’s Beef Brisket Quesadilla (8.49), with tender brisket, sautéed red onions, Monterey Jach cheese, and fresh chopped cilantro, served with Kansas City sauce inside a flour tortilla. The smoky Bacon Ranch Dressing and fresh salsa make this a meal. I hope you have been checking out the prices-bargains for the quality and quantity of Southern food, and located across Daniels, from the Bell Tower Shops-easy to find.

Our Wonderful Server, with Great Suggestions

To sample the BBQ meats, I recommend the Training Platter trio, with Hall of Fame Ribs, tender Pulled Pork, and and BBQ chicken for $19.99.

Great Southern Cook and Foodie, Fox4's Amy Sedlacek
The Smoked Chicken Salad (9.49), has ton of smoked chicken, then on goes smoked bacon, corn, and diced tomatoes. And more! Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheeses, then cornbread croutons, and a spicy Ranch dressing

Our Toronto Friends, Savoring Southern Delights
Our server loves the 14 oz NY Strip Steak with Selmon’s Parmesan Garlic Butter topping-delicious! Better than Ruth’s Chris’ steak, at less than half the price. ( It went fast-here's less than half of it, with soup!)
Let’s talk Meat Loaf. Now the standard of meat loaf for many is the delicious loaf they had as a kid. Well, I wish I was a kid at Lee Roy’s Mom’s table, because her recipe yields a tender, firm and tasty loaf. Secret? It’s tender because it mixes ground beef and ground pork with fresh green peppers, an onions, then baked, grilled, and served with real mashed potatoes and mushroom-herb gravy. This baking and grilling adds layers of flavor to make this unlike any meatloaf you had at home!
Gary (Miracles Sports) and Amy Eying Twisted Chicken
A friend recommended the Twisted Southern Chicken (14.95)-two grilled chicken breasts on mashed potatoes, then smothered with maple bacon creamed corn, melted cheddar cheese, and cool sour cream and fresh diced potatoes. This is lush treat, and tastes better than the ingredients let on!
I’m glad we had 6 hungry tasters to descend on Lee Roy’s, and really ty a lot of offereings.. We had to try a burger, and the Smoked Stack Burger (10.49) is 8 ounces of grilled beef, covered with applewood smoked bacon, smoked cheddar cheese, and, get this, pulled pork!! It’s topped with Selmon’s BBQ sauce. This is a steal of a meal!
The Mile High Pulled Pork Sanwich (9.59) is tender pork piled high, and topped with Carolina style Apple Jack Coleslaw.
Yes, I know it’s not usual to order fish at a BBQ place, however the Citrus Glazed Salmon ((14.99) is cooked just right, and tastes better than salmon we’ve paid over $30 for. The tangy citrus sauce is a great accent to the juicy fish. You still with me? The Sweet Heat Fried Chicken (12.99) is crispy, sprinkled with Sweet Heat seasoning, and served with mashed potatoes and gravy. This is as authentically Southern as it gets!
We had the Mac and Cheese Double Play (4.99), tastier than what I had as a kid, with two or three cheeses giving a full flavor to an American Classic.

Well, we were more than full, for six people, and made room still, for dessert. I liked the Georgia Peach Cobbler’s (5.49) cinnamon and brown sugar accents, and it’s crispy crumbly crust. The Blue Bell ice cream on top is a treat.
The Selmon’s Bread Pudding (5.49) is as satisfying as it looks, with cinnamon raisin bread and fich sweet cream as the basics, then topped with gooey praline sauce, and a scoop of Blue Bell ice cream.
Amy Sedlacek, Fox4’s Morning Anchor, a great cook and lover of Southern Foods, flipped over the Melt in a Mouth Pecan Pie (5.29), with its’ rich praline sauce and ice cream.

Lee Roy Selmon’s in a nutshell? The food is lusciously good, recipes are true Southern delights, and the prices are from 20 years ago. You get great better than home cooking at a price that’s easy on the wallet, and if you are like most folks, you’ll bring some home, the portions are so big. I wish Lee Roy had a Naples branch, I really do love his Southern food.

Lee Roy Selmon's 5056 Daniels Parkway, Fort Myers (239) 690-3287 (Across from the Bell Tower Shops)

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