Thursday, November 20, 2008

Baofeng.exe, Codec Tape Recorder Files and Norton Symantec

FYI. I bought a small digital video camera, and had to load baofeng.exe, stormupd.dll and other audio video storm codec or codex type files on it's accompanying disk, to get it to work. My computer soon slowed down, and screwy things happened with the computer. A computer guru removed Norton 360, then installed AVG and another antivirus program as a test; both identified the infected baofeng.exe and the stormupd.dll files as "Trojanhorse downloader.Generic8.cir". Norton 360 missed 57 other viruses/trojans, as well !! The computer now runs fast, after removing the trojan downloader/viruses and Norton.A "Downloader" downloads other trojans, malware or viruses. Not all baofeng.exe programs have worms or trojan downloaders, why take your chances. Mine cost me paying for several hours of a guru's time to remove other viruses it downloaded.Advice: scan ALL your software before downloading it with at least TWO separate programs, other than Norton Symantec, as Norton antivirus sadly missed the infected baofeng.exe files on the manufacturer's disk, and other malware. If you use Norton, it can take several hours waiting to get a Norton tech rep on the line, unless you pay ~$100 for Norton's "fast track" to talk to a rep within one hour's wait.