Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Jenna Buzzacco Reports ~Ten (10) Million Dollar Prime Beachfront Naples Homesite Sold for $100

Ace reporter Jenna Buzzacco of the Naples Daily News (NDN) reports on 2/3/09:

"NAPLES — A prime piece of beachfront Naples real estate sold today — for $100.
A New York-based fund purchased the Haldeman Estates property for $100 during a public auction late Tuesday morning on the steps of the Collier County Courthouse in East Naples.
The property was foreclosed on, and the firm, Rossrock Fund II LP, purchased the property.
Rodney Alberts, spokesman for the firm, said the company plans to put the beachfront property back on the market. The property is located one block south of the Naples Pier. "

One NDN reader, LookingForLeaders, says: "now the NDN gives the national media an opportunity to pick up a story which will convince everyone that our real estate market is a "going out of business liquidation". Who wants to move to an area of perceived blight? Does "stupid" sell more papers?" Cornandbeans notes: "What the National Enquirer does to celebrities, NDN does to the local real estate market. Misleading headlines, sensationalism, outright false statements, poor if any investigative journalism..." Finally sowestfla1974 adds"NDN: please shut the hell up on any real estate news until you hire someone, anyone with at least a high school diploma."

$100 Beach Estate Sold, 1 Block S. of This Pier Naples Pier for $50, Or Best Offer-submit offers to Jenna.

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