Friday, July 31, 2009

Flippers Waterfront Dining Fort Myers Beach Review

“Flippers is the Florida I see in my dreams,” she said. “White sandy beaches, pelicans, dolphins and coming to have lunch in a boat!” Another said, “ (Nearby) Doc Ford's Fort Myers Beach should learn from-Flippers- just serve great food and give great service, and there's no need for a t-shirt stand!” Flippers has been open for 9 years. Clearly no need to hustle T-shirts, when the fresh food speaks for itself. There’s no shortage of adoring patrons coming from Naples to Fort Myers. Usually a table soon becomes available, unless it’s high Season.

It’s easy to return to, just a little tricky to get there the first time. Call for directions. It’s perched on the second floor of a small wooden building. Entry is by steps and a wheelchair ramp. It’s rustic chic. The roof protects from the sun. The sides are wide open; a 180 degree Bay view. There’s often a good breeze, and cooling fans, if it's in the doldrums. Our dreamer’s wide, white sandy beach is below. While we visited, two guys beached their shallow draft boat, had a leisurely dinner, and pushed off into thegently rising tide!
The dreamer squealed with delight “Look, Flipper’s right behind us! Oh mi gawd there’s more of them!” Yep, five dolphins leisurely glided past, a whelk’s throw from our seats! Throughout our visit, dozen’s of pelicans fished for their meals.

You meal will be much tastier than the pelicans'. Flippers is small, and often runs out of things-your server keeps you posted.
Our near flawless server, Chris, is a friendly blur of efficiency, in constant smiling motion. He covered 20 people at some 6 scattered tables, and didn’t miss a beat! Glasses were refilled, napkins/silverware setups replaced 2-3 times during the meal (we shared plates, and didn’t even have to ask for fresh plates and silverware)!.

The Deep Fried Calamari (9) with Cocktail Sauce is a favorite. A large portion with crisp exterior and tender interior; it is one of the better calamari in the area.

I flipped over the large Black Cold Water Mussels Neapolitan (10), a more than generous assortment of full bodied mussels, sautéed with savory bacon strips, garlic, pesto and white wine butter broth, served with toat points. You want to savor every delicious drop of the broth. Recommended.

The Coconut Battered Key West Shrimp (11) is popular with six Jumbo shrimp and a mango coulis dipping sauce.
Also tasty is the Oysters Rockefeller (10), succulent oysters topped with spinach and bacon, then glazed with Béarnaise sauce and Swiss cheese.

My favorite main course is the Marinated Pork Shanks (19). I have to come to a seafood spot to try pork? Yes, and it’s fall off the bone tender, and nicely spiced with herbs and a bourbon marinade. The Black and Blue Chicken with fried onions is large and tasty. The Chicken Oscar is a dry breast, so-so, and the only item that stayed on the plate. We made quick work of all the other dishes.

The special Bronzed Grouper is tender, and sweet, with bananas and fruit. Ahi Tuna Steak (22) is best prepared rare. It’s served with wakame salad and wonton crisps, finished with a Thai chili and wasabi glaze. This goes fast!The veggie medley features wonderful crisp green beans, yellow squash sliced, and tomatoes and or red peppers. The mashed potatoes are very good, with smashed potato bits, and a nice garlicky taste.

If heading north from Bonita Beach Road to Fort Myers Beach; look for the right turn before crossing the bridge over Big Carlos Pass. The turn leads to the 3 tall condo-type buildings . Flippers is low, and to the left of the last condo. .Fresh food, big portions, top service and nice open covered porch, with a beautiful view, and dolphins and pelicans fishing 30 feet away. Why dream? Your tropical reality is here.
Flippers, 8771 Estero Boulevard, Fort Myers Beach, 765-1040

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Dwight Locke (aka "Gator D") said...

This is one of our favorite places on the beach! Try the Gator D, a Cruzan Rum drink! It's great! The mussels are "to die for" and the bartenders and servers the best! Oh, by the way, they have a kick-ass cheeseburger, too!