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Two Brothers Baci Italian Restaurant and Bar - Naples' Tops!

This is the SW Florida spot for great Italian food, and live entertainment- 7 night a week! Two Brothers serves rich, tasty rustic Brooklyn style-Italian dining delights in North Naples. As dining winds down, and evening becomes night, it morphs into a supper club- with enjoyable live music and dancing. Talented entertainers draw a different, later crowd. You can hear the music/entertainers while dancers of all ages swirl to the beat, and still carry on a dining conversation. Come in, and you’ve soon on first names with owners/ two brothers Bob Lanzieri and Sal Lanzieri. Sal ran highly successful Cape Coral Sal’s Pizza for 6 years.

Sal Lanzieri and Bob Lanzieri - The Two Brothers! Two Brothers is two years old, starting as AA Two Brothers Restaurant and Pizzeria in Bonita Springs. It recently moved to its bigger and better location, at Naples’ Baci. Two Brother’s quality stands out, in an area with over 100 Italian restaurants. Chef Lisa Lucania cooks the Brothers’ family favorites, and creates delicious new ones. The food is fresh, not frozen. Even sauces are cooked to order. This is a family and friends spot, a neighborhood place, with entertainment, as you’d find in Brooklyn or parts of New Jersey.

My party arrived at 6:30. A powerful thunderstorm cut off the power. No lights, no air conditioning, and we were hungry! No problem, with Two Brothers’ hospitality. We got cold Peroni Italian beers at the bar, chatted with friendly bartender Rebecca, who asked for, and two hours later, remembered our names as we passed by. Warm, personal touches make first timers into regulars. The dozen Happy Hour attendees welcomed us. There’s specialty martinis for $7.90, a range of beers , and red and white wines. Daily Happy Hour specials are from 5-8 pm. Try espresso or cappuccino. The best dining deal in town is the daily Three Course Prix Fix menu, 5-6:30 pm, with soup or salad, choice of entrée, cannoli dessert, and a glass of red or white wine, for only $14.95!! This filling meal brings ‘em in.

Candles twinkled on tables. As the kitchen runs on propane, we ordered a full spread. Chef Lucania cooked by candle light. This is Florida summer; the drought’s not over, and rain’s appreciated. Complimentary fresh rounded garlic rolls and a light bread arrived, with olive oil, spices and dipping dishes. Our appetizers put smiles on our faces. Steven Rodriguez, our server, is very helpful and attentive.

The Cold Antipasto ($12) is large and traditional Italian, with rolled prosciutto, sopressata salami, hot Italian peppers, sharp Provolone cheese, mozzarella balls, hard cheese, roasted red peppers and Sicilian olives.

Aunt Roberta’s Rice Balls (8) (Arancini) are nicely spiced, with cooked rice, eggs, grated Pecorino, Romano and Reggiano cheeses, breaded, deep fried, and served with marinara sauce. Regulars say people are friendlier here. Some got up and chatted with us and strangers at other tables! Just another reason why it’s a neighborhood treat.

Fried Calamari ($11) are fresh, lightly battered, perfectly fried, crisp, and delicate. Marinara sauce is mild; try the hotter Diablo Sauce. My favorite appetizer is the crisp, Toasted ricotta-filled Raviolis, with a wonderful basil-creamy tomato sauce, topped with chopped tomato, grated Parmesan and fresh basil. Wow-highly recommended!

Potato croquettes are long and tasty, with garlic mashed potato, ricotta cheese and spices, rolled in breadcrumbs and lightly fried.

Fried Zucchini hand cut strips are long, fried, lightly spiced and tender. Eat ‘em while they’re hot-recommended!Baci Balls are fresh mozzarella balls, breaded and fried, served with the rich, tasty slightly sweet marinara sauce. Simple and tasty.

The menu lists Chicken Cacciatore, Penne with sausage and artichoke ($17), chicken or veal Saltimbocca, etc. There’s many daily specials.

Zuppa di pesce (24) has generous assortment of truly fresh, perfectly cooked shrimp, mussels, clams and calamari-only live mussels and clams are used. The slender pasta and ample white clam sauce broth are finger licking good- sop it up with the bread! Rich, with garlic and great spicing and a mild, or spicy marinara on the side, it’s one of the best around. It can also be ordered with a red sauce. Highly recommended.

The Chicken Marsala, with mushrooms and a rich brown sauce, is a very tasty dish. Crunchy black peppercorns add tongue bursts of taste, texture and surprise. I’m not one to order chicken, however this is rich, rustic, home style cooking at its best- highly recommended.

Baked Ziti with two large home style Meatballs is tops! Super tender, succulent and tasty meatballs perch atop a tasty ziti bed, with a rich red sauce. Recommended.

The special Lobster Pasta has generous pieces of lobster with a good mix of earthy wild mushrooms in a creamy, rich sauce with pasta-Highly Recommended! One guest said “I’d definitely come back here again, just for this and the chicken marsala!

The Ribeye Steak Pizziola is tender, bathed with red sauce and bits of roasted red peppers, black olives and onions. The sauce has just enough spice to accent, yet not compete with the steak A crisp vegetable medley, adds color and texture. Wonderfuly seasoned crispy baked quartered small potatoes, are on the side. We quickly ate this! The lights and cooling A/C returned, and we just smiled-didn't faze anyone.

Bob, Sal and server Steven Rodriguez
Ok, dessert time. Tonight there’s a trio of fresh cannolis; pecan pie; chocolate bombe with chocolate mousse within; a triple chocolate tower with three chocolate mousses; cheese cake; éclairs; a thick Double Death by Chocolate rich fudge/mouse with an Oreo cookie topping-the dessert selection constantly changes..Almost all desserts come from noted Mikkelsen’s Pastry Shop, and they are tops! Cannoli’s are made to order, the Ricotta piped in at the last minute, and shells stay crisp. Pecan Pie Tartlette We had plenty of food, ate very well, and had leftovers. This is great stick-to-your-ribs food, not pricey tiny portions, that leave you hungry.

Live musicians Daniel Melvin’s deep voice, and Sharon Vath‘s mezzo soprano voice, performing as “Heart to Heart”, get people up and dancing to a recorded 5 piece band. The music level is perfect for both diners and dancers. They have a great mix of songs from 50’s to current ones. Quality live entertainment every night-who else has that?

Owners/two brothers Bob and Sal make the rounds, chatting with every table. Their warmth and personalities make this a great destination. They really want to know if everything is alright. They’ll do what it takes to please their customers. Bring a group of friend for the night life. Get a little loud, have a great time, and people are happy for you.

Monday is crazy karaoke night; Tuesday and Wednesday is Daniel and Sharon; Thursday is Lynn Carroll (was at Gabriello’s till it closed); Friday and Saturday is vocalist Laurie Saunders-she has her own crowd!
Laurie sings from 5 till 8, DJ Bill Kraven, “The Voice”, takes over from 8 till closing, playing for a 40’s and over crowd. Chuck Jobs does keyboards on Sunday. One regular said, ”This is unique in SW Florida with good dining, good music and dancing, 7 days a week-it’s just a great place to chill out, anytime.” Well said. The brothers actively support charities. A Paws for Love benefit is July 13. They supply trained service dogs to children with autism and other special needs.

Bob and Sal's Saturday "Food Talk" show, is 12-1 pm on WGUF radio 98.9, Naples. Hear chefs, restauranteurs, entertainers, and interesting people in the food and entertainment business.
Two Brothers is THE casual spot for very good food, attentive service and very good entertainment, with a neighborhood warm feel. Friends asked me to keep this quiet for a while- it’s time to let you in on the deal!

975 Imperial Golf Course Blvd (the next main traffic light north of Immokalee on US 41), 597-4800
******************ADDENDUM 12/09 ************************
Two Brothers Baci closed after Halloween. Customers went to other spots at Mercato for food and entertainment, and to be with their friends. Some regulars returned to Two Brothers to tell their tale, and many regulars did not return. Two Brothers had it all-great people with Bob, Sal, Chef Lisa, Steven and many others, great food, great prices and nightly entertainment. Wonderful warm times were had by all.
Thank you for what you created in our lives.


Anonymous said...

Hello my name is Carol,

I want to comment on your delightful looking dishes. My mouth was watering with each and every picture posted on your site. My compliments go out to your Chef it takes a lot of love and care to present such wonderful and scrumptious looking dishes. I am from Brooklyn and I must say that not even here do you get to see what your Chef has created. There is no doubt in my mind "I will make a special trip to visit your restaurant". I am flying to west Palm Beach in the near future and can not wait experience your mouth watering food. I am sure it taste as good as it looks. Good luck with your new restaurant and hold on to your Chef.

Italian Restaurant Naples said...

It is very nice blog.It is a SW Florida Italian food.the music/entertainers while dancers of all ages swirl to the beat, and still carry on a dining conversation.My compliments go out to your Chef it takes a lot of love and care to present such wonderful and scrumptious looking dishes.