Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Patric's & The Cookie Jar Naples Restaurant

Patric’s & The Cookie Jar, Breakfast, Lunch & More, is a success, with steady repeat customers, and it's been open barely a month. Some, on brief lunch breaks, call in orders, and pick up and take out several meals. Others with more time, sit for a relaxing lunch or breakfast.

Patric’s, at the previous site of Cooker’s, is across the street from Noodles in the Mission Square Shopping Center. Patric has been a caterer in Naples for years. Patric's was originally at 2225 Davis Blvd, serving dinner; that location closed, and now hosts Carla’s Sunday Jazz.

Walk in, and you’re quickly greeted, and offered a seat at the counter or a table. The décor is bright and simple, with pale avocado walls, light brown tile floor, gray tables and black chairs. A long gold sofa perches near the door. Patric's seats perhaps 40 people. With a long, completely open kitchen, it’s clear to see that Patric uses fresh ingredients, and all is cooked to order.

Partners Gary Teater, Joyce Vaughan, and Exec Chef Patric
The breakfast menu has a varied assortment, with breakfast burritos ($5), bagel sandwich topped with fried egg, choice of sausage or bacon, tomato and cheese and fries ((5), various omelettes, bacon benedict, cheese stuffed French toast, and sides oof corned beef hash, eggs, bacon, sausage, muffins fresh fruit, yogurt and granola.

Starting at 11 am, lunch features over six salads, including Caesar with a Parmesan cheese wafer ($6), or House salad with tomato, onion, cucumber, pecans, dried cherries and balsamic reduction (5.50). The grilled romaine lettuce is popular, served with cornbread. The Caprese salad has sliced tomatoes, fresh pulled mozzarella on greens, with balsamic reduction, basil, oil and black pepper $8.All salads are served with Caribbean style cornbread. Add chicken to a salad for $3, or add shrimp or tuna for $5.

I ordered lemonade and the Smoked Salmon “BLT”, with a good portion of smoked salmon, crisp bacon, lettuce, tomato and a nice lemon parmesan dressing on ciabatta type roll, for $7.95. With its ample sides of “flamingo” cole slaw and choice of French fries or freshly fried sweet potatoes, it is enough for two lunches. Recommended!

Large grilled hamburgers are $6.50, a deep fried hot dog is $4.50, the ahi tuna melt, grilled is $8. I like the look of the grilled chicken breast with bacon, guacamole, provolone cheese and chipotle dressing for $7.There's quite a variety of choices- Hot and spicy wings, homemade tortilla chips, mac ‘n cheese, fried green tomatoes, and a chicken penne pasta with Portobello ‘shrooms and snap peas in a pink sauce. Yes, there’s variety when a caterer opens a restaurant!

Shrimp with Linguine and White Wine Butter Sauce ($8)Daily specials, each $6.99, are: Monday-Meatloaf Madness with smashed potatoes; Tuesday Chicken and biscuit, with veggies;

Chicken and Biscuit-Tuesday's Special
Wednesday-Pot roast with smashed potatoes; Thursday-BBQ pulled pork, and Friday is Fabulous fish fry, with coleslaw and fries.Stop at the Cookie Jar on the way out for a large fresh cookie or muffin to go. Cookie Lady Joyce Vaughan has sold her delicious large, Cookie Jar baked-from-scratch cookies and muffins at the Goodlette Road Farmers Market at the North Naples United Methodist Church parking lot. She has now joined with Patric, offering a delicious assortment of fresh baked goods. Take home a bunch! Today's cookies include molasses, peaunut butter, M&M’s, and sugar cookies. Today's muffins include apple cranberry, cranberry orange, blueberry, strawberry and banana nut muffin. There’s a half dozen brownies, including black and white, and peanut butter styles.

Exec Chef Patric and Sous Chef John-Paul Macanespie
Open every day, 6:30 am to 11:00 am for breakfast, and 11:00 to 3:00 pm for lunch. Call for take out or pick up. There’s even free Wi-Fi. Sevice is fast, and everything is cooked to order.

Patric’s is across the street, west of Noodles in the Mission Square Shopping Center, on the north side of Pine Ridge, and blocks east of Goodlette Road. Café Italia is a couple doors south of Patric’s. 1485 Pine Ridge Road, Naples, Suite #8, 304-9754

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