Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Haiku Garden Walk

Sugar apple tree blossoms (Annona squamosa). Green sugar apple

luscious ripe custard grenade

juice caresses cheek Kaffir lime blossom

pungent aromatic leaves

white pink green and dew Florida sunset

heaven blazing orange and blue

spectacular sky Nam Doc Mai Mangos-Custardly sweet, and no fiber.Mango mockingbird

serenades sky lake fruit palm

springtime garden song Nam Doc Mai mangoes and longans- season now ends.

Dragonfly perches
summer heat bends cattail leaf
cooling breeze stirs pond
Orange Blossoms-Florida's scented signature!
Red ants bites. Their bite is mild, compared to a fire ant's bite.
Octoduck so still
brown and yellow chicks circle
ripples tease the shore

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