Monday, September 28, 2009

European Bakery and Café - Naples Review

European Bakery and Café is THE spot for a traditional relaxed European approach to life. Chef / Baker Marta greets the dawn, hours after she started baking healthy, natural pastries and delicious multigrain breads. Marta, or husband Hubert, warmly greet you. They are fun to talk to-ask them to join you for conversation! The Bakery’s first birthday is October 11th, and they may well have a 25th birthday! Entering the Café is like entering a welcoming home, with its couch, antiques, antique organ, woodsy warmth, golden window treatments, wooden tables with character, cushy red chairs, old paintings, antique curved mirrors and flowers.
You feel you are in Marta and Hubert’s very home, as they warmly welcome you as friends and guests. Polish music, Edith Piaf, and even some Glen Miller classics play softly in the background. This is a great spot for relaxing with wonderful coffee, and savoring your experience in your European home away from home. Come in for breakfast, and sample a variety of European crepes ($7.95), Scrambled eggs with bacon and multibrain bread and butter (5.99) or go for the European cold meats and cheese for two (14). There's a long list to select from.

I like to sample different pastries with my sweet tooth, such as the Poppyseed roll, Chocolate and cranberry bar (Oh, is it good!), Chocolate nut torte, cheesecake,

A Cheese cake slice with delicious chocolate and fruit creationsand Coconut layer cake. A real treat is the Angel wings, AKA Chrusciki or Faworki in Polish, which are heavenly light, crisp pasties, dusted with powdered sugar, that are devoid of calories!

Try the wonderful daily baked whole-grain bread! It’s incredible, with crisp sunflower seeds, golden flax, wheat bran and other healthy ingredients. It is rich with taste, heavy with goodness, and with its perfectly browned crust, one of the best I’ve had in SW Florida. I’ve enjoyed the homemade natural Lentil soup with tender chicken, carrots, and onions the classic Cabbage soup, and the oh-so-lusciously rich Mushroom soup. Each is well worth taking home, with Marta’s blend of spices and herbs.

Off season, dinner is served by reservations, as it’s not offered every night. I’ll come by just to have old fashioned stuffed cabbage, pierogies, and other traditional treats.

I can’t say I “discovered” the European Bakery and Café, a whole year after it’s opened. That credit goes to my savvy friends from Poland, Germany, Hungary and France, who’ve kept this intimate 5 table restaurant to themselves, till now.. Aha! Have a look at the Guest Book.
It’s signed by so many happy customers from around the world in many languages, with unique writing flourishes, and sketches The words of appreciation and thanks come from the heart.
Display case, flowers, antique mirror, antique organ-Homey!
Asia and Jan Forszpaniak are regulars
Some Days it's Filled with Friendly People! Guests of all Nationalities and Ages

71 9th Street South, Naples 263-0096 (just south of Corner of Central Ave and US 41 Starbucks Plaza)

2 comments: said...

I read many wonderful comments about your restaurant on tripadvisor and went there yesterday, Oct.13, 2011, about 7 p.m. to find it closed.

Listing days, hours and maybe months of opening on this page would be a good idea, in my opinion.

Ivan Seligman said...


You idea is a very good and practical one.

Problem is, in Naples, many independent places close for a few weeks in the "off season." Others have variable limited summer/fall hours which are posted on their doors or websites. When I write a review, they can't tell me what their schedule will be months in advance as their schedules can change on a dime if business is suddenly slower/better,if a dinner and luch spot decides to serve only dinner, or if a family illness suddenly shuts things down for a couple get the picture.

Additionally some have music for a few weeks,a series of wine dinners, or some other summer special. Then others go out of business-I try to note when they close, however they can be "revived" months later like Cru in Fort Myers.

I wish I had time two or three times a year, to contact the over 600 Lee and Collier County restaurants that I do keep an eye on, over a year's time. Because this is my hobby and I am not paid, I've only had time to have written about hundred or so restaurants that I consider to have good to excellent food and service, with more to follow.

Do call a place before you go to be sure they are open that night to be safe.
Have your favorite spots email me or leave a comment as you have, and I'd be happy to update a restaurant.

Thank you!