Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Decanted Wine Beer Naples Florida My Favorite Wine Shop!


Decanted Wine and Beer is my “go-to” spot for wine. Whether it’s for a last minute $8 bottle, a $30 dinner gift, or sharing a $100+ bottle with foodies, I can count on Al or Jessica for an enjoyable visit and solid advice. Sure, others can go to sterile big box Publix, Costco, Total Wine or Sam’s, however I prefer the warmth of talking, learning about wines and selecting mine with helpful owners' advice- especially when they've sampled every wine in the shop! Quite a good number of people have switched to Decanted for buying their wines, too. Did you know that Decanted’s wine prices are nearly always less than at Total Wine and the other stores?-Surprise, surprise! I stopped by for a tasting of six of Domaine Serene’s wines, with fruit and well chosen cheese platters, for just $20. To have a good sampling of fine wines that retail elsewhere for $40-100 each, (priced at $120-400 in restaurants) and are Robert Parker rated at 91-94, well, you just can’t beat the price on a tasting or on buying a bottle! Angie Cheatham, Domaine Serene’s local rep, uncorked Domaine’s Oregon wines for the tasting, starting with the Clos du Soleil and the Cot Sud lightly-oaked French-style Chardonnays, each with gently nice acidity and hints of fruits.
Long-married couples often agree on many things, but not on choice of wines! It’s fun to see such a couple compare tasting notes. I can’t detect pear, kiwi, black cherry or lavender in a wine, though I’ll do my best to appreciate another’s findings. You just "know" the right wine for your tastes. I flipped over the wonderfully balanced Mark Bradford Pinot Noir 2005. Close behind was the 2007 Reserve, then the smooth Yamhill Cuvee Pinot Noir. The 2006 Rockblock Syrah from Walla Walla, Washington is bold and ready now. Decanted owners Jessica Palmer and Al Fialkovich are young and enthusiastic about wine and beers. Enthusiasm is catching! The 20 or so guests I met ranged from 20’s up to 70’s in age, and included beginners up to pretty experienced folks. A wine bar is a great place to start chatting with your neighbor. Especially when your neighbor’s shared experiences open up your world to try some of what they have savored. You don’t get that fun interaction in a “big box”store! One man asked Angie “How’d you get into this field?” Before she could answer, another said, "Through AA!” I’ve never had a boring time with wine, especially after we’ve had a glass. I started chatting with Tahlman and Midge Krumm (below with Angie), and almost forgot to finish my wine tasting!
Al and some of the guests pointed out some of their favorites in Decanted, and the smart shoppers confirmed that prices are less at Decanted than elsewhere. Reds like Far Niente Cab’s are 10% less, and ~25% less if you buy a “sixpack”, than at Total Wine and the other big boxes. Same goes for Pahlmeyer “Jason” 2005 for $50, instead of $70, and similar pricing for “ZD”. Like chardonnays, for example? Same pricing goes for Kistler, Cake Bread, Stags Leap, and Domaine Serene.
Get on the emailing list, and take part in the frequent tasting and educational events. There's blind tastings, food pairings, and networking events. Sample wines from over thirty countries and ten U.S. states. For enjoyable conversations, meeting new friends and wines, this well stocked 500 label “Mom and Pop” wine shop is the fun way to taste and buy “wine that’s right” at all price points in Naples and Southwest Florida.
Decanted Wine Beer Tastings, 1410 Pine Ridge Road, at Goodlette Corners, corner of Goodlette-Frank and Pine Ridge, 434-1814

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