Thursday, March 18, 2010

Naples Italian American Club - Concerts, Dinner Theatre and More!

Naples' Italian American Club has a popularly priced Dinner Theater, Concert and Educational format that's hard to beat!  With the help of President Ray LeCatta, Ren Morani, Joe Delfino Nancy Gruppuso and others, this is becoming a cultural center of Naples.

NIAC President Ray and Joyce LeCatta
I've enjoyed two events so far.

The March 14 Italian Dinner Theater brought Kairos Italy Theater of New York, presenting two talened artists.

Laura Caparrotti and Marta Mondelli

Marta Mondelli presented The Italian Body, with its funny gestures and facial expressions.
  Laura Caparrotti, as a comically serious teacher, presented A,B, C L'Italiano s'Impara Cosi, her one woman skit in which she explains and teaches Italian language, culture and tradition. 
Joe Delfino was very helpful in bringing these talented artists to Naples. 
This immediately followed the traditional Feast Day of St. Joseph's  Dinner, at which Pasta San Giuseppe (garlic oil, basil and and sardines served with bucatini pasta), Chicken Saltimboca, Zeppole and Sfinge di San Giuseppe were served.
Mrs. Ida DeVita baked several beautiful breads, representing St Joseph's Staff, the Crown of Thorns, and a carpenter's ladder.
Before that, Italian Lyrical Tenor Maurice  LoMonaco sang songs of love from Italy and around the world from his repertoire of more than 2,000 songs.
He is a great entertainer as well as great singer as he walks around the audience, serenading as well as being on stage.
  March 21 will be another  LoMonaco Dinner Dance/Concert.

Opera Naples will present A Night at La Scala on March 26, with Soprano Steffanie Pearce, Livio Ferrari, and other artists. Call 597-5210 for details.

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