Saturday, July 17, 2010

SushiOne in Naples

SushiOne is a very nice, friendly neighborhood sushi spot that serves high quality sushi at good prices. That works for me.
It's in the same strip center as both Decanted Wines and Five Guys, but around the corner, on the Goodlette Road side of South Street Restaurant. It's got ample parking in front. Inside, the nice simple decor has ample sushi bar seating and perhaps room for 45 at the widely spaced tables.

There's something for everyone with inexpensive soups, various combos, lots of creative rolls, sushi and sashimi.
With $2.50 miso soup, 3.50 seaweed salad, $4 edamame or $4 salmon miso soup, the price is right.

Combos of various rolls and nigiri (raw fish slices on lightly vinegared sushi rice) are $8-10, and individual portions of nigiri sushi range from $1.95 for spicy tuna to $2.50 for blue crab, scallop, or tuna-good prices for very fresh high quality seafood.
There's over 50 rolls offered- skinny, crunchy, tempura, kamikaze (with jalapeno), and the variety of combos is open to your own imagination. tuna, yellowtail, eel, salmon, carb, and shrimp are the biggies.

I sampled two rolls at lunch, and a bento box with different sushi at another day's lunch, with different server.
I was happy, with only compliments both times.

The Dynamite Roll is just that, hot enough to let you taste the heat, and not hot enough for most people to feel a need to cool it down, either. 
The roll has tuna, yellowtail, salmon scallion and some hot pepper sauce on top. This is true sushi; the fish is uncooked, and it's luscious and perfectly saucy-spicy. A great deal at $7!

Salmon Caliente  Roll (7.50) has salmon tempura with a touch of jalapeno and cilantro, sliced avocado and SushiOne sauce, rolled in rice and sprinkled with white and black sesame seeds.
The salmon tempura  is fully cooked and wonderfully crispy on the outside-perfect for those hesitant about sushi. Truth be told, my portion was not really spicy, and can use some heat or soy sauce. It's a more than filling portion for lunch! If you like raw-er fish, ask them to give it a little less cook time, and you'll be good.

The Bento Box lunches are $7.95, and all attractively served with fresh green salad, steamed rice (dark or white) pork dumplings and mixed fruit. My Salmon Bento is a delight, with a 3 oz portion of tender cooked salmon, and all the fixins.
I also had several pieces of individual sushi-mackeral, eel, uni-it's super fresh. there's no off-odors here.
 I'd go back for a third time in a heartbeat. No SW Fla competitors have better sushi quality, and only some offer just as good quality. Service is efficient. Well worth a visit for lunch, dinner, and takeout.

354-0101, 1410 Pine Ridge Road, #1 (just like their quality!)

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Anonymous said...

Looks good but I think I'll have the all-you-can eat sushi buffet at Blue Fish for ~the price of 1 roll at SushiOne.