Sunday, November 14, 2010

NEW Naples Farmers Market on Old Trail & US 41 Across from McDonald’s, behind Bank of Naples

I buy about half of my produce, seafood and fish now at several farmers markets, scattered across Naples. The food is fresh, and I enjoy talking with the farmers and fishermen directly. I get immediate answers to any questions on how vegetables are planted, fertilized grown and harvested. You just don’t get that at Publix or Sweet Bay.

I’ve been a regular at my two main Saturday favorites-the Third Street Farmers Market, behind Tommy Bahama’s, and at Merida Hines-Tyler's  North Naples Green Market Farmers Market at the Collection, on Airport-Pulling by Vanderbilt Beach Road.

A brand new "Naples Farmers Market"  has just opened at US 41, across from DeVoe Cadillac, across from McDonalds. It's hidden directly behind the Bank of Naples building in a large parking lot! Starting with thirty vendors, it will soon have 100 vendors, and ample parking.

Why open a new one?  Easy, it’s open Sundays, not Saturdays, 9-1 pm, and has some of the top vendors who also appear at the above noted markets! For some in Park Shore and The Moorings, it’s a green grocer in their backyard. I’ll list some, not all of the vendors below.

Meet petite Irene Gueit, expert crepe maker from Brittany, France, at Bamboo Café’s booth. She makes two types of large organic French crepes, wheat and buckwheat, and offers varied savory toppings like ham and Swiss cheese, and sweet desert crepes with nutella for only $5-7.
 A must try is the traditional “Far Breton” plum-custard cake, well worth $4,
and quiches. Soon to be stocked are fleur de sel- Brittany’s special sea salt, Pâté Maison, and Beef Bourguignon.

TR’s Skewer Shack is popular, with $3 generous skewers of Grilled shrimp, grilled chicken, grilled vegetables, and grilled sweet corn on the cob.

I met Rebecca of Naples Pasta Company, and I can vouch for the freshness of her pasta-bought it and cooked it! She has over twenty varieties, nicely packaged and ready to go!

There’s Angel’s Hair, Spinach basil garlic fettuccini, tomato basil garlic fettuccini, Zucchini linguini, Devil’s Angel Hair, Leek and onion linguini,... on and on! Her pasta is used at many local restaurants. 774-3038.

Capt. Suggy’s Seafood offers fish and Stone crab claws for less than nearby grocery stores, and his doesn’t sit on ice for days, either!

Sebastian's Dutchkinz Dutch Poffer pancakes and Stroopwafels are a lightly fried delight, different from donuts, that make for an ideal light snack. Those with Scandinavian roots recognized it, and lined up for their fix, proclaiming it “the real thing.” Try a sample, and you’ll be hooked like me!

Sebastian Making the Tiny Puffer "Pancakes"

Fresh Apple Fritters are Great!
1000 Islands River Rat Cheese has a very good variety of home made cheeses, from mild cheddars, through bacon and garlic, to jalapeno. Jack McGlynn and Debbie Bouchere have several dozen cheeses, and you get to sample each one.
GR8 Legs Seafood Company co-owner Mike Smith says “fresh fish is our dish,” and their fish is as fresh as it comes! From local Florid fish such as Black grouper, yellow tail, and cobia to Northwest’s salmon, it’s the place to get the right ingredients for a few ocean inspired meals. 693-3000, they are based in Fort Myers.

The Fochi family really knows how to make empanandas-crisp, and filled with very tasty fillings.
I like the spicy beef. The lamb, chicken, blue cheese, spinach, cheese and onion and humita are some of the delights.
$3 each, or 3 for $8, they have been a big seller.

Naples’ Chef Ross Peterson is teaming with La Cuccina Naples as the OPY Boyz, LLC with a variety of very tasty, bold dressings, marinades, pesto and sauces. I really liked the Muz-Go! mustard crab dip for Stone crab claws, the rich basil parsley pine nut, dairy and olive oil pesto, and the Flyin Hawaiian Dressing.
Put the Volcano sauce’s sweet chili on a steak as marinade, and your cooking will kick it up a welcome notch.
 Chef Ross also operates the Global Chef Service for catering, yachts, and special events. 253-8471

French Bread Oven is my favorite for artisanal breads.
 I stop by their bakery at 8793 Tamiami Trail North for the best in pastries and sandwiches. I cook with a group, and we auction/donate our services for charity dinners, serving eight to twenty paying guests, raising $300 a couple, or $3,000 for the auction. Occasionally we proudly serve their desserts. That’s as high a compliment as I can pay, as my group otherwise cooks everything from scratch. Nuff said.

There are two vendors of 100% organic produce, and I’ve already cooked with their beets and peppers. With over 50 linear feet of display packed with fresh veggies, you can’t go wrong with organic, and the prices are comparable to grocery stores. Buy local, eat healthier!
Asian Depot is one of my two “to-go” spots for all things Asian, be it fresh vegetables and fruits, or frozen or canned delicacies that save me a trip to Hong Kong!
They have a good offering of items-visiting the store on Pine Ridge is a must!

Well here you have it, the brand new Naples Farmers Market on US 41 across form McDonalds, behind Bank of Naples, 4099 Tamiami Trail North, with a good assortment of vendors, that’s perfect for a Sunday visit.


Anonymous said...

It is sad to know how much of BS is going on on those "FRESH FOOD" markets.
Pasta bought from Michigan and packaged in Naples as home Made pasta.
Frozen bread from Sysko Foods turns to overpriced Home made.
vegetables from California and South America are presented for locally grown .
With few exceptions we are lied big time .Wake Up people.Ask questions.

Ivan Seligman said...

Thank you for the heads up.

I ask people where their foods came from, and request to visit their actual farm. No one's hemmed and hawed on that request, and I'm sure they'd let you or anyone visit on appointment. Carrots in the ground, and ripe tomatoes on the vine are proof to me.

I'm fine with the Cheese makers from NY, who clearly state their cheese's origin. I've not found anyone selling out of state produce yet.
The Pasta Lady makes her pasta in Naples, not Michigan-you can visit her kitchen.

Do let me know if there is a specific vendor who is misrepresenting produce.