Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dolce & Salato Italian Bistro's Wonderful Wine Tastings in Naples

Naples' Dolce & Salato filled the house on October 22 with a Piedmont wine tasting, latest of the ongoing Italian regional wine tasting series.  To hear Opera Naples’ famed Italian tenor Livio Ferrari serenading a capella, as well as with a talented violinist, would be reason enough to attend!
 People from all walks of life and ages were richly rewarded with  an artistically  tasteful and culinarily divine evening.
 $20 was the ticket to savoring Italian Piedmont wines with a couple dozen different hot or cold amuse bouche and finger foods- mini appetizers to imported Gradassi  flavoured olive oils; mirlitons to colorful macaroons. 

My Sampling!
   Host and hostess Agostino Nastasi and Natascia Marchesi  were blurs of activity and friendliness, manning the wine bar, olive oil bar and refreshing the freshly-made appetizers. 
The best surprise for me? Meeting and making friends with kindred souls who also love food and wine, as we discussed  all sorts of topics that pop in our thoughts after a glass or two of Barolo or Moscato di Asti! I relished  meeting Rose, Jeannie and their companions, and also catching up with Jean,  Jerry, and Bronwen.
 And the Piedmont wines? Well, after tasting, purchased bottles and cases of Portacamaro Gavi, Barbera d’Alba, and Barbaresco Piedmont wines flew out the door! So did  Dolce & Salato’s $23 private label bottlings of  Cab, Merlot, Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay.
Dolce & Salato's Private Label Wines
 The wine series will continue, with each evening's selection highlighting a specific Italian wine region.
Do call and reserve for the next wine tasting’s date-spaces are limited. Arrive early for a good seat, or mingle as I happily choose to do. 

    Dolce & Salato is also my new spot for delicious sandwiches. Agostino and Natascia elevate sandwich making to an art, Italian style, of course. While orange juice from canned concentrate is alright for some; I squeeze mine from neighbor's fresh plucked oranges. Sure, you can get tasty Boar’s Head at Publix, or Costco's cold cuts in a pinch.  Discerning diners like myself, and native Italians instead happily make a beeline to Dolce for finer meats, cheeses, croissants  and baguettes-you can taste the difference!  I’ll write later of  my highly favorable experiences with their sandwiches and salads. Till then,  just go there today and enjoy the best sandwiches and salads around  at very reasonable prices-you'll be a regular too, after that. 
Superb Salame with Gorgonzola, Balsamic  and Arugula
Some of  my favorites sandwiches (with salad) are pancetta cotto with warm brie; bresaola with goat cheese; hot salame with gorgonzola, and balsamic glaze and arugula- they are delicioso! 

Now you know who’s catering my next "foodie friend" get together-that says it all!

300 Fifth Avenue South, Suite 125, Naples, 300-0444,

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