Saturday, August 24, 2013

Prague VKolkovne (Kolkovne) Restaurant-Well Worth the Visit

We knew it was catty-corner to the large Spanish Synagogue, only outside on the awning it's named Vkolkovne, not Kolkovna. There are seats outside. Inside there's mostly tourists and some locals alike, a good sign. It was separately recommended,  by three different Czechs who favor it as a friendly spot with authentic  good food. (It's prices are "pricier" to them than prices at their local favorite restaurants, which are not near Old Town or other touristic spots.) For travelers/tourists, it's very good bang for the buck. Eat outdoors, smoke in the quaint long main area, or go smoking free downstairs, past the door to the restrooms.
We stayed upstairs, with a window view, didn't mind the little bit of smoking, and loved looking at the staff under great shiny copper dome over the bar.
We started with unfiltered Pilsner beer that hit the spot, although Pilsner is served in many restaurants.

 Many people liked the Traditional Platter-duck, sparrow, smoked meat and beer sausage for 350 kr. (19,2 koruna to $1) The rich soup served in a bread bowl is popular among locals.
 My 250 kr (about $12.50 Us dollar) 350 gram rabbit leg was a huge portion, the rabbit/hare musta been the size of a small turkey, this portion was waaay larger than any rabbit served in the U.S.! It was so tender, and baked with garlic and bacon, with potato dumplings and spinach-highly recommended.
 Annie had the chicken schnitzel (with cole slaw), which was properly pounded thin, breaded lightly and fried.

Dessert was a large piece of chocolate pie with a big fluffy portion of freshly whipped cream.

Highly recommended for traditional food that locals highly rate as good and authentic.


nosh said...

Wow! You are back!

Alas, a post from prague rather than a new find in Ft. Myers or Naples. But you are back!!!

Missed you. Still have you bookmarked. Looking forward to new posts when you return, unless you have relocated in Eastern Europe.

neal, or nosh

Ivan Seligman said...

Hi Nosh!

I'm back writing, been super busy the past year-eating out just as often, with little time to write.

I'll write up some new SW Fla places-The Local, Thai Udon, Maria D'anna and Mereday's are Naples goodies!