Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Chef Brian Roland of Crave Culinaire is Finalist on Final Episode of Restaurant StartUp.

Brian Roland made it to the final episode of Restaurant StartUp, appearing before 60 Million viewers!!! WOW!! Not shabby publicity at all! A group of Neapolitans (and some Bonitans) made it to a special showing on a large screen TV, and got to taste Crave Culinaire's amazing treats. Speaking of treats, there are rumors of Brian giving Nicole a special glittering treat by year's end, too!

 Brian and his team were up against a team that offers gee-whiz flashy desserts and some savories at $10-15 per plate. I woulda tried the place once, and that would have been it. Brian offered the Start Up guys a chance to co-create a dining venue for special events in SW Florida, where any chef could come in and cater for their special event, and Brian could offer exquisite tasting dinners, too. Different strokes for different investors, for sure. The other team won over one of the two potential investors. That's fine, Brian will find investors in the area to partner with for his dream.
 If anyone can make a dream come true, it's Brian, proven by his success with Crave Culinaire. Some of the samples last night included:

Hibachi Flash~Seared Furikake Ahi Tuna

Alba White Truffle Oil, Miso Infused Napa, Galangal Mousse
Toasted Nori Threads, Black Sesame Crisp
Moulard Duck “Tasting”
Pomegranate Brined & Grilled Breast, Matchstick Duck Crackling, Duck Fat Toasted Brioche
Port Wine~Fig Marmalade and Syrup, Italian Parsley Dust
Maldon Cured Heirloom Tomato and MontChevre Bucheron
Caramelized Citrus~Fennel Salad, Aged Pedro Ximenez Syrup
Crave’s Gluten-Free Pistachio Cracker, Micro Basil


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