Sunday, August 6, 2017

Steak Jeanmarie with Tequila, Kaffir Lime, Anchovies and Mushrooms

 This is the final result of cooking a marbled ribeye steak with a Tequila, mushroom, anchovy, garlic, lime juice and butter sauce. Have a look at the dish- start to finish!

It started like this. Garlic upper left, Kaffir limes and leaves, 'shrooms and anchovies.
I combined anchovy, garlic and butter to be a topping, crushing all in a mortar and pestle.
The garlic was too strong, so I tamed it by gentle heat. 
I sweated the 'shrooms in butter, added some of the sauce mixture, added Tequila, then set it all afire!

Voila! Steak topped with shrooms, and Tequila, anchovy garlic butter sauce
The sauce was decent, but the lime juice (from my Kaffir Lime tree)  just didn't complement the steak as well as lemon juice would have.
    Next time, I'll make a lemon, butter, anchovy and Tequila sauce, and add some cream to make a nice thick sauce!  I name this Steak Jeanmarie (Hendry Friend), in honor of a dear 10th generation Florida Cracker Hendry, who passed away 2 years ago. She could hunt, clean, and cook anything from fish, wild boar to deer. She would have enjoyed the concoction!

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