Sunday, December 30, 2007

Demented Cooking Videos

Anyone can watch some serious food videos and get put to sleep. If you want to have fun while cooking, learn some off color Italian, and laugh, visit Nadia G's Bitchin Kitchen at:
and scroll down to wacko things like “ Bag ‘em, Tag ‘em, French Toast “
a romantic blend of of dating, homicidal notions and French toast, or “Pissed off Penne” with multiple episodes including a Rachael Ray Voodoo Doll. This is not for prime time TV, folks.
(You may have to click twice to get things going from “pause” to the “right facing” play arrow, for it to run) .

Nadia G is no matronly Julia Child, no chirpy bobble-headed Rachael Ray- actually, she's the wickedly delightful Anti-Rachael Ray! Look for her soon on a Comedy channel…when she comes down off her meds. Go Girl!

Still need a laugh, and tired of watching the Weather Channel? Surf to Average Betty at:
Her site sez "You don’t need no stinkin’ culinary degree, fancy equipment or a lot of time to try Average Betty’s recipes at home".
Scroll down and try “Fish Camp” for a laugh, plenty of worms, and beautifully grilled fish. (You may need to click on the “pause” button to get it going) or make “The Perfect Shrimp” ((Looks good, I’d try it with Thai sweet chili dipping sauce instead of the hotter Sriracha sauce).

Try for Betty's “Stop, Drop and Dinner Roll” to extinguish mother-daughter flareups over new tattoos. Guys, learn about making steamy Fajquitos from Betty, in her estrogen excess phase, at or for MacDaddy and Cheese or for BBQ Pizzas-you won’t go hungry. Try the new aphrodisiac, Coffee Cake, at . (You may need to click on the center arrow, then click on the "pause" button on the lower left)

Ok, had enough kitsch? Me too! Maybe watch some Indian food cookery, at:

Hmmm. Nothing from Kerala to Kashmir for you today? Not to worry, try and type in what you fancy (or what’s been sitting in the fridge for 4 days, patiently waiting to be cooked).


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Happy New Year!

Thank you for the awesome write-up and all of the links! So happy to hear I make you laugh - I love your diverse appreciation of all things culinary (and not so stinkin' culinary!).

I also love "estrogen excess phase." Awesome!


Ivan Seligman said...

Watching Betty's videos can make me snort wine out through my nose-and that's a good thing, all said and done!

Check out her site for great cooking and laughs-you may want to be alone while watching, and don't watch with your mouth full!