Monday, February 11, 2008

Ay Carambola, That Jaden Can Cook!

Carambolas, Eden Stars Carambola Wine, Honey and Fage Yogurt
I had a bounty of carambolas, or star fruits, from a friends tree, and rather than eat them all just fresh, juice dripping down my chin, I figured I'd transcend my Cro-Magnon manners, and emailed Jaden of Steamy Kitchen for some carambola suggestions. Jaden is a Florida food writer/blogger and great photographer, specializing in modern Asian cooking. She emailed back "Just slice, brush with honey, sprinkle with cardamom and stick them under the broiler. Great paired with greek yogurt (try Fage found at Publix)". My kind of instructions! 20 minutes later, I had the yogurt and freshly ground pungent cardamom, and cracked open a gift of honey. I sliced the carambolas, barely green at the tips, popped out the seeds, and gobbled up a few fresh slices before gathering up the strength to carry on.
I put 'em on aluminum foil, drizzled honey on all, and tried curry powder on two rows, and powdered cardamon on the rest, broiled for 5", then let them sit in hot oven for 5" more, to soften.

Meanwhile, I mixed some honey and a touch of vanilla extract into the delicious yogurt, and readied for the taste test. Well, first, most of the honey slid off the sides while broiling, so I added a little more warmed honey. The ones with curry were horrible, and the ones with Jaden's cardamon, well, were all gone before they cooled! As is, or dipped with the yougurt, a winner! And no I didn't crack open the Eden Carambola Wine-some other time, maybe when Norman Love's chocolate Hydra rears it's scrumptious heads?

Ta-da! Served on Celadon in Jaden's honor
Next time, maybe a carambola upside down cake, or Carambola tart Tatin? Let me wash my chin off, and think about it!


SteamyKitchen said...

Gorgeous plate of stars! Stopped by Sweetbay today to pick up some Carambola...they were sad looking and expensive.

Might have to sneak over and climb your friend's tree!

xo, jaden

Anonymous said...


Whew, good thing I didn't post GPS coordinates to the Nam Doc Mai tree., I'd feel guilty over your belly ache from eating too many tiny green mangoes!

Now I'm craving a green papaya salad!