Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hot for Bikram Yoga and Sous-Vide in Naples

Jennette Gluski first took Bikram Yoga in 2002, and has then taught it in Naples. She opening here 2 months ago, tucked away off Airport-Pulling, just South of King Richard's. There's no shortage of enthusiastic students. Several instructors allow classes 7 days a week, in a serene setting. Bikram achieves it's mental and physical benefits by practicing 26 posture excercises in a 100-105 degree F. setting. For curious cooks, that temp is not yet ready for sous-vide. One doesn't have to be flexible as pretzel dough to take classes; just do what your body is comfortable doing. Jennette offers great instruction during 90 minutes of stretching, breathing and meditation, this is not marathon training. And she knows good food.

Jennette Gluski
Fresh Fruits
Vegetarian Cucumber Rolls
Sushi, Vegetarian style, with Watermelon, Radish, Sesame Seeds and Soy

Bikram Yoga Naples 6634 Willow Park Dr., Naples, Fl, 596-4549

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