Sunday, February 3, 2008

LG Gordon - Linda Gordon's Celebration of Life

On February 2nd, a beautiful Saturday afternoon, some 30 friends gathered poolside by Linda Gordon's Moorings tropical home, to share stories and celebrate her life. James Lilliefors, long time friend and senior writer/editor of the Naples Philharmonic, collected and displayed a rich sampling of photographs from Linda's childhood onward. Linda was formerly a journalist and the respected food critic for 11 years for the Naples Daily News.
Dino Redzic, of Dino's Restaurant and Wahoo's, catered hot and cold platters, including chilled shrimp, homemade seasoned sausage, bruschetta, and other tasty treats.

Dino's Restaurant's Homemade Sausages and Dip
Dino's Bruschetta and Other Appetizers
Janet, George and Becky supplied soft drinks and ice, and Alison Leach brought, (Linda) Gordon's fine spirits!
Linda's sister, Marsha, supplied photos and a poem. Naples Daily News' Editor Harriet Heithaus, NDN's Interior Design Maven Maxine Ginsberg, NDN freelance Claire Kinglsey, Nancy Stetson for the Fort Myers Florida-Weekly and Gulfshore Life, Lisa Boet- Naples Illustrated food writer and owner of Bamboo Cafe Restaurant, Linda's Cousin Bill and Veronica Starkloff, Philharmonic Orchestra Events Coordinator and the Youth Orchestra Manager Janet Johnson, Caterer Angela Chinaglia, Decorator/Designer/ Cuban Architecture and Design Symposium Director Jean Marie Hendry, Psychologist Marilyn Varcoe, Alison Leach and Al Leach were some of the guests who joined Linda's neighbors to share stories of a warm and caring woman. Noted Cuban cuisine author Mary Randelman, in California, could not attend, and sent regrets.

Maxine, Claire, Harriet, Edna
Dino's Restaurant's Cooked Shrimp Platter
Linda, journalist and highly respected food writer, had a colorful flair for living her life, and we shared stories of her wry sense of humor and call-it-like-it-is approach. She never delivered a deservedly "less than kind" review of a restaurant without a second visit, to give a "benefit of a doubt", taking several co-reviewers along for a "reality check". She was appreciated, loved and missed by all. Janet and her family have taken in Linda's beloved Lilybelle, and the Naples Dog Center has generously volunteered to give lifelong grooming care to Lilybelle, in memory of Linda's love for all animals.

Jim, Lilybelle, and Janet
Alison, Nancy, Lisa, Al
Veronica and Bill Nancy Stetson's Article on Linda Gordon

Harriet Heithaus' Article on Linda Gordon:

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