Monday, February 4, 2008

Yukihana Japanese Restaurant -Sex on the Beach with Tiger Eyes- Only if You Eat all Your Vegetables!

Yukihana is a welcome addition to the Kings Lake Plaza on Davis Blvd in East Naples. The food delicious, and the best part is that during "the season", it's off the beaten path of US 41 and 5th Ave South, and walk in seating is available.

They have at least two friendly chefs, one manning the sushi bar, and the other free to cook directly at your table, Benihana style, for up to eight diners. The restaurant is family friendly; kids enjoy the showy way of cooking their chicken, steak, salmon or lobster. Kids portions are also available for those under 10 years old. The restaurant is large enough that such parties do can enjoy themselves, and not disturb other diners.
Sushi BarJapanese Roll
Yukihana Roll- Tuna, Salmon Avocado, Spicy Topping
Friendly Chefs at the Sushi Bar
This time we tried the Yukihana roll, with Tuna, Salmon, Avocado, topped with yellowtail and a spicy Mayo dressing ($14.95). My favorite part was the spicy topping, with just a nice bite to set it apart from the luscious fish and avocado. The Red Dragon Roll is a favorite, with shrimp tempura, real crab, masago, special mayo, green onion, topped with salmon and a hot and sweet sauce (14.95). Each roll was almost filling, and comfortably leaving just enough room for dessert. The ice creams include Red bean, green tea, vanilla, strawberry and chocolate (3.50). There's even Tempura Ice cream and a tempura cheesecake (5.95).

For a great Japanese meal with a friendly local atmosphere and comfortable sound level, this is the place!

Yukihana Sushi and Hibachi, 4832 Davis Blvd, Naples, Fl 239-774-4001

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Anonymous said...

great service! The server was agreeable and graciously accommodated my husband and I by bringing us the shrimp appetizer at a table for two. By the way, the food is always delicious and plentiful. Thanks Yukihana