Sunday, October 25, 2009

Naples Swamp Buggy Parade 2009

Ginourmous swamp buggies, High School bands, ROTC students, airboats, and knee- high Shriners vehicles parade down US 41 in the Annual Swamp Buggy Parade. Later, the buggies competed in time trials, blew engines and bolts, readying for the real competition on Sunday I love a parade! The annual parade started long before condo's obstructed beach views and access, prissy SUV's were detailed, and hoity-toity shops with $300 shoes sprang up on once dusty 5th Avenue South. The community joins in to see their kids, neighbors, and vehicles that slog through swamps on six foot tall tires. Condo dwellers from New York sit next to Native Indians. Adults from Nicaragua cheer alongside bewildered Swiss and Syrian visitors. It's quite a crowd that gathers for a couple hours-the spectators are more colorful than those in the parade!

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