Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Spirit Art Show at Shangri-La Springs in Bonita Springs with Artist Levi Hayes

Opening night of The Spirit Art Show at beautiful Shangri-La Springs in Bonita Springs.
 The Spirit Art Show presents wonderful paintings by internationally collected artists Levi Hayes, and Bonny Hawley.
 The property's green acres are perfect for meditation, drumming, and a magical retreat. People, starting with the Calusa Indians, have sought the spring's natural aquifer fed healing waters for centuries.

Children danced at separate men's and women's drumming circles, which merged at dusk with a mesmerizing synergy. Sayer Ji,  Zawi Kimberly, Borsa Dino, Carlo Jagarnauth and  Jeanie Williamson contributed to the drumming's enthusiasm. 

Artist Levi Hayes has over twenty of his paintings on display in the galleries. From his Greek and Russian style Icon painting to amazing multidimensional resin crafting, this is a must- see collection.  His paintings aer below.


 This infant is inspired by The Infant of Prague.

Levi Hayes' Artist Reception shall be on April 15th, 6-9 pm. Be there! The show will be open until May 15th. The Shangri La grounds are now open to the public for a full day of art, drumming and meditation on Wednesdays, 10-4 pm, for only $10.

A Special thanks to Addison Fischer and Heather Burch, who are mindfully protecting and preserving the site via the Lama Hana Land Trust.
  This tree-shaded sacred land truly is Shangri La.


Anonymous said...

I and the community has given up on Shangri-La. It was bought by the existing group over 7 years ago and what do we have now?

A per-per-view once a week to see that half the place is falling down...still?

Rehab it or sell it!

Ivan Seligman said...

This was my first time at Shangri-la, and I'm very impressed. They are restoring some aging buildings and infrastructure without significant external financial support, so it goes slower with volunteers and sweat equity than if someone gave a couple $ million to kick start it. Just getting permitting for each step takes a while. They are on the right path. They don't have the staff to patrol it and keep it open 5+ days a week till it gets completely permitted. Ya know, it coulda been a Holiday Inn instead...Just sayin.