Monday, January 25, 2016

Porker BBQ

Porker BBQ at Naples Beach Brewery on Saturday nights is a secret kept by locals. This is the best Craft BBQ in Collier County, pure BBQ meat candy,  smoked on site and served out of a sparkling clean truck. Chef Chris Jones is a top chef who can make anything from tostadas to  that at a Michelin star restaurant-I've tasted his food, and know.

"Eat with your hands" is the operative word. Where else for $10 can you make a full dinner of a huge pulled pork  sandwich or chopped brisket, with slaw, frijoles gordo ( see below) and porker pickles?

Tostadas are mile high, with chipped meat, frijoles gordo, queso , jalapeno, cilantro and special sauce.  The frijoles have black beans, pinto beans, jalapeno, tomato and slivers of brisket and pork shoulder.

Have a very large appetite? Then it's the Meat Fest for 2 or more people ($12 per person) with a variety of  pork shoulder, brisket, St. Louis ribs and in-house made short rib and brisket porker-wurst, with sides of taco slaw, jalapeno cornbread, porker pickles, frijoles gordo, tortilla chips and sliced soft white ass bread!

I take home a pound or two of the brisket alone, it's that superb!
Delicious smoked brisket!
These are jus the sides that come with an order.
e burritos are very large-a meal  to savor.

Families to couples on date night come and grab a seat inside Naples Beach Brewery to order flights, or their favorite on-site brewed craft  beer. You won't go thirsty here!

Want chicken or fish? Fix it at home. 

Porker BBQ
4110 Enterprise Ave. # 102, Naples  231-645-4025,

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