Friday, May 6, 2011

"Beehive the 60's Musical" "American Idol" Finalist Paige Miles and Director Mark Danni's Hit Show!

   Paige Miles is a star with a hit on her hands! The nationally known “American Idol” contestant is the lead in Naples' TheaterZone Director Mark Danni’s The “Beehive-The 60’s Musical!”, which opened May 5th and  continues until May 15th.

   The high energy musical starts with six "hot" women singing and dancing in mile-high beehive wigs and classic 60's attire, a sextet of vibrant musicians and cases of hairspray, and keeps the energy building through forty hit 60's songs. The talented women sing, dance and quickly establish warm audience participation through innovative use of  “The Name Game.”  With more wigs and dressing changes than a Vegas show, they segue from “My Boyfriend’s Back” and  "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” to "The Beat Goes On."  Christina Alexander, Nicole Corris, Cherry Hamlin, Courtney Whittamore, and Megan Yelaney  each shine with their solo turns in the spotlight. 

   Remember where you were on the early afternoon of November 23, 1963? Relive hits from Janis Joplin, Petula Clark, Aretha Franklin and a few dozen more. These songs come alive again on the Community School of Naples’ G&L Theater’s stage. There’s a darker side to the Sixties, and this is highlighted with lithesome Megan singing the powerful lyrics of Janis Ian’s “Society’s Child,” while looking like a 60’s folksinger. (Guess who!)  Some thought the show ended after a rousing  thirty songs, but it was just intermission!

The second act starts with bold  “River Deep Mountain High" and “Proud Mary." The audience was mesmerized as Courtney ably tackled a demanding trio of Janis Joplin hits. Then the full company came onstage in a great finale. Whether you lived in the 60’s or were born too late, the music gets you going- no one’s attention drifted during this show! For many "of a certain age", the songs and Paige’s words brought back powerful Sixties memories.  There is an easy interaction between the singers and the musicians that was cleverly and effectively done. Kathleen Kolacz's costumes are authentic, with high white go-go boots and some appropriately slinky dresses getting the audience's admiration and applause.

    Paige comes full circle with this production. Born in Naples, Florida, she attended The Community School of Naples. Mark Danni heard her sing Aretha Franklin, and recognized her vocal talent and heartfelt delivery, and encouraged her career. Paige went on to American Idol and was one of the final 11 contestants, selected from numerous applicants nationwide. She then went on to appear on the David Letterman Show, and the Ellen DeGeneres show, and has just finished her first singing album.
   "Beehive" is a terrific homecoming for her. Soon she'll return to her new home in Los Angeles to tackle TV, film and other ventures.

    "Beehive" runs from  May 5-15. Don’t miss this show!
Tickets are $43 & $48. More information is online at  It’s also time to get tickets to the next TheaterZone season, which is now online.

  A warm thank you to Mark, the cast and musicians, and all those behind the scenes for continuing to bring top quality shows to Naples.

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