Sunday, March 25, 2012

Three60 Market - Come by Boat, Bike or Car for Delicious Food in a Wonderful Waterfront Setting

Three60 Market is my kind of place-it has delicious food for dining in or take out, a great indoor/outdoor setting and wallet-friendly pricing!
     This  old Florida- style  house setting is right on the water, perfect for arriving by boat, car or bicycle! It’s appletini green and white, located on the West side of Bayshore Drive, about ½ mile South of US41, just over the tiny bridge.  At the prior site of the Tipsy Seagull, it’s been over 12 months in gestation, due to the  unnecessarily long permitting delays and setbacks commonly inflicted on new businesses. 
   Three60 has a European flair-it’s a great place to come with friends, or a great place to meet new friends as well, as I did one sunny Saturday. It’s open 6 days a week from 6:30 am to 7 pm, and closed Wednesdays, so you’re covered for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The kitchen is wide open, so you can see and smell the freshness of Chef Johnson’s cuisine. (He used to be at Naples’ Ritz-Carlton, so the quality is there from the start!)
  Rebecca Maddox’s cuisine is also well known-she’s co-creator of the Naples Pasta Company, and was a regular at the Farmers Market off third Avenue South.
     Local green vendors appear outside on some days, offering super fresh vegetables and fruits at Farmer’s Market prices and quality because, well, they know her reputation, and with Three60 attracting some 300 customers a day, the vendors also get great sales, too!
You can get good food at quite a few places, what’s unique about Three60 is the friendly atmosphere and good prices.  Couples pull up chairs next to other interesting looking couples and start chatting. Boaters dock at  the  building (~3.5’ draft at low tide), enter and ask nearby patrons “What do you like?”  They order it and other attractive treats, and share these with their new found friends. That’s part of the friendly European  flair that isn’t found at other spots. It’s also very pet friendly- that’s another great ice-breaker to meet new friends, too.
 What to order?  That’s not easy to say, as the offerings change every day! Sure, some favorites appear more often, however if a few bushels of new fruits, vegetables or meats arrive, with 300 customers a day, things fly out the door!

  I highly recommend the bourbon sauced bread pudding-it’s served hot, and full of Bourbon –this is the real thing.  
  Take some home and serve to guests, and you’ll be asked for the recipe for sure! Another favorite is the cheese and tomato pie-served hot the melted cheeses make a rich, flavorful creation. 
 The mushroom sauced pasta with bacon is over the top, too. The cold chicken salad with mango, walnuts, raisins and a mint vinaigrette sauce is refreshing. I took home extra of the chicken, capers and almonds salad.

I also can recommend the beef tenderloin penne with horseradish sauce ($6), the numerous home made ravioli’s stuffed with clam, crab, lobster, mushroom, pumpkin, spinach and risotto, lamb and artichoke, and goat cheese. There’s also a daily-changing variety of lasagnas and different quiches to savor. 
 Pull up a chair on the shaded back porch, watch the boaters arrive and fill up the nine new slips, and sip a cold beer or glass of wine.
  This is the life in Naples!  For $6 or 7 you can not go wrong with the Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio and a salad, entrée and dessert. Ham and cheese,  roast beef and other cold cuts are popular sandwiches  with regulars. And did I mention theSelection of “Lite Yummi’s” lite mini desserts? There’s mini Key lime pie, mini brownie bites, mini walnut bundles and mini carrot cake bites, all about two scrumptious bites each.  
  Traditionalists can also take home the daily baked pies-the sweet potato pies scent wafted throughout the little market, and pies quickly sold, too.
 Three60’s motto is “We cook…so you don’t have to!”  I’m a decent cook, and this is the way to go for me-I get delicious creations and don’t have to spend hours in collecting ingredients, cooking, and then cleaning pots and pans-nice!
    891 Bayview Dr.,  Naples, 732-7331


Anonymous said...

I have frequented this place several times since it opened, but from now on will only do take out. I wish they had servers serving food and drinks as serving yourself is a little chaotic. By the time I got the drinks to my lunch partners my food was cold and my lunch guests were pretty much done eating. A bit chaotic in that department. But the food is outstanding. Even cold.

Eugene P. said...

My new favorite spot to eat in Naples! Thank you Rebecca for bringing us this wonderful creation. Best wishes!